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Color Grading Classes

Getting you started in the world of color.

Private Lessons

Personalized for you, at your own pace.

I offer private lessons for any level of experience that are geared towards what your priority is in terms of learning outcomes.


Wether you are a director, cinematographer, editor, or beginner colorist, I am here to help you unlock the power of post-production and demystify the complex and technical process of color grading. 

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How it works

On your schedule. Your pace. No strings attatched. 



We start with a consultation via phone, video chat, or email to discuss your learning outcomes and prior experience. 


Online or in person

I offer classes either online or in person depending where you are based. In person classes will be in Prague, Czech Republic, and online classes can be from anywhere in the world. 


Personalized Syllabus

I will write up a personalized syllabus for you that will outline our goals and give you a structured plan for your learning. 


Flexible hours

I often say these sessions are structured similarly to therapy (but for color). We decide together how many sessions you would like to do, and how often. This can be once a week, once a month, or a crash course over a few days. 

You take classes when you need them, on a flexible schedule.  

What you get.

I make sure you get what you need out of the classes, as a professional Colorist and Teacher, I offer my years of experience.

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Personal Approach.

I get to know you as a student and offer a personal and kind approach to my teaching.


University level lecturer

As an associate lecturer I have the knowledge and teaching experience that assures you will get quality content.

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Power-grades + LUTS

During classes, I share will share power-grades, and even help you develop your own LUTs. 



Workflow can be a pain. I'll share my step by step documents to help you manage the process. 

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I will share recorded portions of the classes with you so you can reference them later.



I will check any work you do outside of class and give you feedback on your progress.

How much does it cost?

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Initial Consultation

Let's talk about what you want to get from our classes and where we can fit into your schedule.



Private Lessons

One on one private Color Grading classes in Davinci Resolve.

60 Euros

(per 1-1.5 hour session)


Workshop/ Lecturing

Do you have a business or school in need of Color Grading classes? Inquire for details!


Get Started

Get in touch if you have any questions or for a free consultation!

Thanks for submitting!

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