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About Me

Colorist. Filmmaker. Teacher. 

I have an equal passion for the technical and creative side of making beautiful images and telling a story through them. I am originally from Toronto, Canada and I am currently based in Prague, Czech Republic where I have a small studio dedicated to Color Grading. 

I have worked on feature films such as Princezna 2 (Czech fantasy feature film), documentary feature film "Venezuela: Country of Lost Children" from Director Marc Wiese, and "Tanja- Up in Arms" by Director Marcel Mettelsiefen. I have also graded a large variety of shorts, music videos, commercials, and experimental films.


My main passion in color grading is finding the right look to tell the story, and I love all types of storytelling! As a filmmaker myself- one of the best parts of the grading process is hearing about the process of making the flim as well as the ideas and people behind it. 


In the past, I have Directed and shot films that have had major success in the festival circuit. My short film “Supine” premiered at Bucheon, won the Melies D’Argent at Hardline film festival and competed at Sitges for the Melies d’or. I have also worked as the cinematographer of the feature film "Redux" (2022), which was shot in Iceland and was nominated at the Icelandic Oscars in 2023. 

As of now (apart from freelance Color Grading) I am developing documentary films, working on my video art techniques, and working as an associate professor at Prague City University. I am also in the process of building an education platform for filmmakers who want to learn more about color grading and color science. 

Nicole Goode colorist
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